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Winter Sunrise

Winter Sunset


Longer lets

The cottage is available for longer lets - from the end of October until the end of March. Please contact me if you are interested in spending a few weeks of autumn to spring in this lovely cottage.

Some of the bonuses of living here in the winter are watching the sun rise and set over Scapa Flow, watching the migrant birds, feeling safe inside with a fire burning while a storm rages outside. Being outside in a gale and being in awe of the energy of nature. Being amazed at the great beauty of the calmness and stillness that makes Orkney so magical.

If you are considering moving to Orkney, come and experience a longer visit in the cottage. There is always plenty to do here, there is no time to be bored! Walking, birdwatching, dancing, singing, painting are some of the activities on offer. Or just be and take time out for yourself.

Cost - £225/week

Already let -

2 - 16th December 2023

A misty spring - or was it autumn? morning from the cottage


Moon over untroubled water on a snowy night

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